Are you claiming back up to 33% of your development costs?

It’s a shame when brilliant ideas are left in limbo before they are able to come alive because of financial constraints. Did you know that most founders underestimate how much time their startup will need to achieve market validation by 2–3 times? What if one of these businesses runs out of money before anything viable can be completed, then this means that many great ideas are never given the chance they deserve. How many businesses could have succeeded if they had more time and money?

Amazon has been branded the “worst out of big six US tech companies” for “aggressive tax avoidance” by a recent report published by UK-based campaign group Fair Tax Mark.

In this last article in our series on working from home, we’ve got some handy tips to help you work remotely. In the last few articles, we’ve given advice on some of the best bits of kit you can buy to help you work more effectively from home.

If you are based in the UK you may have noticed hashtags like #lockdown2 popping up over social media as our pubs, house parties and restaurant limits are reduced back to 6 people. Although many of us began feeling the sweet smell of victory over Coronavirus, it appears that the carpet has quite literary been yanked from under us. This got us thinking, will things ever go back to normal?

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Business consultants specialising in partnership models, group structures, and cash flow support via R&D tax relief. We help create capital businesses.

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